NYPPE was founded in March 2020 when our country was woefully underprepared for COVID19 and outgunned by Chinese manufacturers. To protect Americans and safeguard our nation against foreign abuse, we quickly assembled an expert team to start supplying top quality American Made PPE Products.

At NYPPE our mission is to bring USA made products back to the market.

At NYPPE we supply adult and kid 3Ply Surgical Masks that are fully cleared by the FDA with a 510(k).

NYPPE supplies N95 Particulate Respirators that are NIOSH approved.

“We recognized that our nation was in a terrible position and made the decision to jump into the fray and be part of the solution. By supporting NYPPE, our customers are supporting American ingenuity while helping to eliminate our reliance on predatory foreign manufacturers in times of crisis.”

– NYPPE Ownership